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Titan Wellness is Ireland’s largest fitness facilities management company and wellness service provider.

Titan Wellness consult, design, install, operate and manage fitness facilities on behalf of many of Ireland’s leading companies.

In addition we provide workplace wellness solutions, delivering employee well-being programmes and initiatives, designed to enhance individual employee health and happiness by building healthier work environments through positive change


Employee Engagement


New Talent To Your Company


Staff Retention


Performance & Productivity


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Fitness Facility Services

  • Facility design
  • Facility installation
  • Facility management
  • Facility maintenance

Wellbeing Services

  • Fitness classes
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Wellbeing

Fitness Facility Services

Titan Wellness will take you from the design of you facility right up to the day to day operation

Wellbeing Services

Titan Wellness, can provide your team with the support and knowledge to compliment any wellness facility. Be it a fitness class, nutrition workshop, or personal services such as desktop massage, beauty treatments, and much more.
Titan Wellness is 100% Irish Owned. Founded in 2015, Since its establishment in 2015 Titan Wellness has become Irelands leading fitness facility management company.

Operating facilities and providing wellness services to our valued clients

At Titan Wellness we help build a stronger work environment by promoting improved physical and mental well-being through a number of bespoke training modules. In turn this provides employers with an in-depth understanding of workforce wellness. Our wellness programmes allow companies to:

3.3 DAYS

The number of days an employee loses each year to physical and mental stress.


Of millennials chose health and well-being as the most important benefit their employer can offer.


The return on every euro spent on improving employees’ mental and physical well-being.


Contact our team and make wellness work for you.


Phone: (01) 209 1915

Address: 6-9 Trinity St, Dublin 2.

Titan Wellness

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