Creativity Workshops

“3 C Thinking” is where a group of colleagues begin a journey of self-development and critical thinking. Individuals are introduced to Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. The group will learn new skills both practical and interpersonal which can be applied to the workplace.

​As part of this workshop, a magician goes to work on site to help set a creative tone but also show individuals how to think outside of the box in life and in business. Your employees will magically come up with creative ways on how to improve the workplace, fostering imagination and solving problems.

Our workshop explores how using creativity strategically can help you provide powerful solutions to problems and increase motivation, job satisfaction and engagement. Learn how creativity can be harnessed at an organisational level, and, with the right processes in place, serve as an engine of innovation.

​Titan Wellness’ Mark McCormack presents our 3CThinking Workshop. Mark’s his drive and passion comes from his own life experiences. He felt a little different than others in his community and workplace and he believes a mentor may have made a huge difference in his life as an adolescent growing up in being himself and expressing his creativity.

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