Some of the biggest stresses in life are financially related problems. Poor management of our personal or family finances, loans and credit card bills can quickly snowball. At Titan Wellness we understand that these financial obstacles can have a huge impact on our mental health.

A huge part to a progressive well-being is structure and discipline, our seminars and consultations are designed to improve the management of your employees’ finances, assist them with advice and structures on how to improve their financial well-being.

Financial well-being not only affects individual workers but it also impacts business performance. Studies have found that one in four workers report money worries have affected their ability to do their job, one in ten say they have found it hard to concentrate/make decisions at work because of money worries and 19% have lost sleep worrying about money, all of which impact productivity. This provides a compelling case for employers to take steps to improve their workers’ financial well-being and so their businesses’ bottom line.

Happiness in the workplace has been shown by many studies to have a direct link to productivity. A happy workforce is an effective workforce! Well-being in the workplace has been adopted by many employers. The finance aspect tends to focus on the more negative aspects of money, such as managing daily cash and debt counselling. Our Financial Well-being Workshop helps employees to use their finances and create plans based around increasing their happiness..

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