Research has shown that our mental well-being is the most important area of our well-being to focus on for a positive lifestyle change.

Did you know you can train your brain to increase positive emotion and build resilience to negative thoughts and experiences? Organisations with happy employees achieve positive business outcomes and gain a return on their investment in workplace well-being programs.

Although a heavy topic our Mental Wellness Workshop are delivered in a light-hearted and engaging fashion by our very own Stephen Maguire. Stephen had mental health issues in the early stages of his life and has turned his life around and now is focusing his passion for life through workshops. Each workshop focuses on understanding our own mental well-being, the simple ways in which we can take care of ourselves, as well as be a support to those around us.

This workshop will present an overview of common mental health problems and it will enable participants to discuss and reflect on the common misconceptions regarding mental health difficulties. It aims to promote positive mental health and self-care the workplace which has benefits for all.

The programme will enhance the skills of participants in supporting those who are experiencing a mental health difficulty and aims to strengthen participants’ confidence in having conversations in the workplace concerning mental health.

​Stress management, mindfulness and resilience are at the core of this seminar.


  • Awareness of the symptoms and characteristics of common mental health problems.
  • The experience of mental illness.
  • Particular mental health issues and common mental health problems in the workplace.
  • Engaging with the person experiencing mental health problems
  • Engaging with the mental health services.

  • Participants will receive handouts and relevant literature to enable them to develop their understanding of mental health issues in the workplace with clients or colleagues.
  • During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to discuss the effects of mental ill-health and how it impacts on the workplace and develop better understandings around assisting/supporting those affected by mental health issues.

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