Enriching Services

for Residents.

Residential Services

Health and wellbeing amenity supply and demand are changing fast in the multifamily market.

It is worth taking the time to choose your amenity offer carefully, as healthier, happier customers are linked with enhanced reputation, faster lettings, and higher returns. Titan Wellness provides a wealth of knowledge in the wellbeing sphere. From designing, installing, operating, and manging your on-site gym or wellness amenity, bespoke schedule of events and workshops designed around our resident’s needs.

In addition, Titan Wellness can evaluate the internal environment to help you not only achieve regulatory requirements but to ensure your building is a place in which your residents want to live and work.

To achieve these goals Titan wellness services, include:


  • Amenity design, install, operation and management
  • Onsite and virtual event delivery and scheduling
  • Environmental assessments of building or facility, for internal air quality, lighting, thermal comfort, ventilation, and acoustics

Healthier living is a way of life for Titan Wellness. Our holistic approach to wellness impacts every element of your residency. Our bespoke services are available on your doorstep 24/7.

Our services are delivered in person or virtually and they include:

  • Fitness classes
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Mindfulness
  • Running club
  • Marathon training
  • HIIT
  • Stress management
  • Importance of sleep
  • Positive Mental health awareness
  • Pillars of wellbeing

  • Cookery demonstrations

  • Nutrition workshops

  • Retirement planning

  • First aid training & CPR

  • Paediatric first aid

  • Art and crafts workshops

  • Parenting workshops

  • Internet safety & social media awareness

  • Dog grooming workshops

These services can be streamed directly into your residence or alternatively the workshops and classes can take place in your building gym or meeting room.

For more information go email niall@titanwellness.ie