Wellness Hubs

Titan Wellness will help you maximise the potential of your existing gym or planned wellness space. Titan Wellness will design, plan and manage your facility to your team’s needs.

We have installed and now manage the gyms of some of Ireland’s best known companies, helping to attract and retain team members while creating a positive healthy culture..

The presence of an onsite Wellness Hub or Gym facilities provides a convenience that makes it more likely that employees will exercise and stay healthy.

In addition any investment into your Wellness or gym facility is 100% tax deductible.

Wellness is moving centre stage in the modern workplace, but it is a broad church from exercise classes, flexible working hours, free fruit, gym passes, talks on healthy eating, running and walking clubs, mental-health initiatives, a ban on emails after a certain hour and putting protected disclosure policies in place all come under its wide umbrella.

At Titan Wellness we are passionate about creating healthy workplaces. We believe that developing a workplace well-being culture isn’t rocket science, with a little structure and vision all organisations, no matter what size can create a great working environment in which people thrive not just survive.

We work with clients across the Ireland offering a bespoke workplace well-being service focusing on

consultancy, training and health promotion. We have partnered with Black Box who are proven leaders in supplying exceptional performance products and spaces. ​

Our clients want to provide the very best experience for their employees, particularly in the wellness area.

But often having a place to dedicate to an on-site gym or area to exercise in is a challenge. The number one complaint, we hear, is the lack of a private space to carry out health screenings, with many employees feeling embarrassed being assessed in a badly positioned area, like the staff canteen.

A dedicated Wellness Hub solves all of these problems, providing a place to exercise, hold well-being classes and a private space for health screenings. Once installed, Titan Wellness can provide a schedule of Wellness activities on everything from Mindfulness, to Financial Wellness and Diversity and Inclusion Training.

Investing in your employees physical and mental well-being pays off, in addition to attracting and retaining the best talent a healthier collaborative environment leads to less absenteeism – in fact an average of 3.3 days per employee.

We offer three options to create a custom Wellness Hub on your premises which is a 100% tax deductible solution.

    • Upgrade of fitness facilities
    • Fit out an existing room or space
    • Build and equip a brand-new state of the art facility from scratch​


Learn more about this 100% tax deductible solution for your company – contact paul@titanwellness.ie.